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15+ Tips for Hiring High Quality Movers in Los Angeles

It can be quite tricky to choose a reputable moving company in Sinatra. The Better Business Bureau received over 8,000 complaints about moving companies in the United States every year. Now that Sinatra falls in this region, what do you do to make sure that you are not a victim?

According to the Better Business Bureau, most of these complaints stem from damaged or lost stuff. Others include billing customers for unworked hours, not honoring estimates, and arriving on the site very late. It is good to make sure that you avoid all these things as your hire a moving company in Sinatra.

You need a company that will not give you a surprise bill or break your items during the move. That is why you need to vet the potential of the moving company before you hire them. Doing this will take you some extra time and effort but it will help you to save a bunch of hassles in the long run. Therefore, it is mandatory to hire quality moves Sinatra.

There are so many movers in Los Angeles. Despite this, it is good to understand that shoddy practices and scams still exist. Therefore, it is good to make sure that you are informed about every step in this process. Here are some of the things that will help you to choose the best movers in Los Angeles.

1. Moving Inventory

A reputable moving company will take the inventory of all your stuff and establish the weight and bulk of the move either through a virtual survey or in person. You need a thorough estimator who will check in all the available storage places like bookcases, garages, drawers, cupboards and many more.

A large proportion of the moving budget depends on the weight of your belongings and the space that your stuff will occupy on the mover’s truck. Make sure you understand how the estimation works and it should be as accurate as possible. It is good to go for a mover who will give you the value for your money all the time.


2. Get a Thorough Walk-Through

If you get an estimator who does a quick walk-through without taking note of what you want to move, you can be sure that he is going off the mark. The best moving estimator Los Angeles will ask several questions about what you are planning to move from your current location to the new one.

Remember to tell the estimator about those items that you don’t want to move. There are some items that you may wish to donate to a charity, give away, leave behind for the new owners or sell in a yard among other options. If you don’t inform the estimator, your bill will go up because of budgeting for the things that you don’t need to move. Therefore, you should not leave any room for increasing your moving budget unnecessarily.


3. Don’t Pay a Huge Deposit

The best Movers in Los Angeles will not ask for a large deposit or cash before moving your stuff. The best moving companies in the region will only allow you to pay for the service upon delivery. In case you pay in advance, you will not have the control over the moving process. It is also better to use a credit card when paying so that you can protect yourself against any fraudulent activities.


4. Avoid Moving Companies That Have a Name Switch

We have moving companies in Los Angeles that avoid being assessed by the Better Business Bureau by simply trading under several names. The company should have the correct information about their local address and insurance and licensing information.

When the employees answer your phone calls, they should use their full business name. Check whether there are any other brand names that the organization ‘does business as’ and also their federal and state license numbers. Search online to see whether there are any complaints about the given company. You can also call the consumer complaints hotline to get to understand the history of the company. These contact numbers are readily available online and you need to get the one that applies to Los Angeles. A straight forward company will not want to trade under so many business names.


5. Get References on Los Angeles Movers

You can get recommendations of the best movers in Los Angeles from your friends and family. It is better if you get a person who has used these services in the recent times. Previous customers have a first-hand experience of working with the respective movers.

You can also get a list of reputable movers in Los Angles from various associations such as the state association of movers and American Moving and Storage Association. In case you speak to any moving company, be keen to ask for references. Let them give you at least three customers from your area that moved in within the last three months.

When you call these customers, ask them direct questions about the experience they had working with the company. It will give you great insights about the quality of service that you will get from the Los Angeles Movers.

Browsing a phone book or searching the internet for moving companies in Los Angeles can be a daunting task. As we said earlier, check whether your coworkers, family members, and friends have some recommendations. In case you are working closely with your real estate agent, you can ask these professionals for referrals. If you visit the Find a Mover Service (, you will also be able to get quotes from the movers.


6. Avoid Packing Costs

If you decide to pack your stuff on your own, the mover will not be responsible for any damages. However, if you allow the mover to do the packing, you can pay inflated prices for the packing materials and boxes. The other high costs include those of labor and time. If you request the movers to do the packing, get to understand the experience of the packers.

Most of the packers in Los Angeles are keen on their work. However, you need to avoid any possibility of getting people who toss everything they come across in the box. As they seal the boxes, they have to put a lot of regard to breakages. It is better to pass the responsibility to the moving company by allowing them to pack your belongings.


7. Be Aware of the Extra Fees

Are you moving into a two-story house or you live in one? You could also be moving from or into a 10th floor apartment. If this is the case, the movers will charge you more as they will have to negotiate the elevators and stair cases.

Is there a narrow street, the movers may be forced to transfer your belongings to a smaller van?In such a case, you can expect a surcharge for this particular service. Make sure you know all the additional extra charges that may apply. What you need to do is ask the mover about any extra fees that can apply to your move. You don’t want anything to come your way by surprise.


8. Avoid Signing a Blank Contract

Whatever the case, you should never sign a blank contract. It is recommended to have everything in writing before you append your signature on the moving contract in Los Angeles. The moving estimate plus any additional fees must be listed on paper.

The other thing that should be stipulated clearly are the delivery and pick-up dates. Read the contract document carefully and confirm whether it has a list of all your belongings. If the inventory form that you sign before the truck leaves does not have your laptop, don’t expect to find it upon delivery. There is no way the company will be liable for anything that is not listed in the contract. Besides, there is no room for filing a claim if the item is not on the inventory list.

9. Do Not Accept the “Guaranteed” Quote

There are basically three types of moving contracts. It is good to understand what each of them entails before you choose one of them. Here is a brief description of each of them;

A Non-Binding Estimate: when this phrase is on the moving contract, the company cannot call for payment that is over 10 percent over the original estimate. In case there are any overages, they have to be paid within 30 days from the delivery date.

A non-binding to exceed Estimate: When you have this on your contract, you won’t pay for any overages on the contract. The estimate has the maximum amount that you can pay and you will be expected to pay for any services that the company offers.

A Binding Estimate: When you have this on your contract, it will be a guaranteed cost for the move plus all the additional services. In case you ask for additional services like unpacking, you will have to pay for them within thirty days of delivery. Get to understand the type of moving contract that you are exposing yourself to before you get into a deal.


10. Report Any Problems

In most cases, you have up to nine months to report any issues that you have with the moving company and even file an insurance claim. Thus, if you open the box one year later just to get shards of glass, you are not lucky. Try opening every box on the moving day and sift through its content to check whether there are any damages. Write any issues on the lading copy of the bill of the mover before you sign it. The mover typically has up to 30 days to acknowledge that he has received your claim. He should either make an offer to pay or deny your claim within 120 days after receiving your claim.


11. Moving Insurance & Valuation Protection

Moving companies in Los Angeles have to assume liability for the whole value of goods that they transport. It is good to understand that there are two levels of liability when it comes to moving in Los Angeles. You should be aware of the applicable charges and the amount of protection that each level provides. Without this, you will not be able to make an informed decision about these two levels of liability.


a) Full (Replacement) Value Protection

If you are looking for the most comprehensive insurance that will protect your goods, you will get it in this plan. Unless you choose the alternative protection level that is named below, the mover will transport your shipment under the Full (Replacement) value protection level of liability. In case an article is damages, destroyed, or lost when it is in the custody of the mover, he will have no choice but to do one of the following;

    • Repair that item until it is in the same conditions as it was when the mover received it or meet all the repair costs.
    • Replace the item with a new one and it should have the same quality and kind like the first one. If not, he will have to pay for the total cost of replacement.

Under this alternative, movers are allowed to limit the liability for the damage or loss of articles that have extraordinary value. It is good to specifically list the articles on the shipping documents. Items that have extraordinary value are basically those that cost $100 and above.

The list comprises of electronics, rugs, antiques, furs, china, silverware, and many more. Let the house mover give you a complete explanation if the limitation before the move. You need to study the provision carefully and then make the necessary declaration.


b) Alternative Level of Liability

The no-cost alternative is the most cost-effective level of protection that is available in the market. Its main challenge is that it provides minimal protection only. In this alternative, movers assume liability for not more than 60% per pound, per item. Therefore, damage or loss claims are settled by multiplying the pound weight of the item by 60 cents.

For instance, in case a ten-pound stereo component whose value is $1000 gets lost or damaged, the mover will be accountable for not more than $6 1.e. 60 cents X 10 pounds. This minimal protection does not have any extra charges. However, you have a sign a specific statement on the bill that agrees to the same. If you fail to choose this alternative liability level, the shipment will be transported at the full or replacement value liability level. Therefore, you will be assessed for the valuation charge that is applicable. It is good to know the moving insurance that is applicable for your Los Angeles moving needs.


12. Follow the Rule of Threes

You should never settle on the initial estimate that you receive from a moving company Los Angeles. You need at least three different companies to give you an in-person estimate. The reason is that no company will give you a thorough cost estimate without looking at your belongings.


13. Watch Out for the Red Flags

You need to keep a close eye on any red flags during the estimate. For example, a reputable moving company will not request for a deposit before you move. Also, note how unprofessional or professional the movers may seem. In case they show up late, cannot answer your questions, or seem to be unsure of the services that they offer, just look for another company. You also need to be wary of moving pros who come in a rented moving van. The best moving company in Los Angeles will always own its own equipment. Be keen to check for any danger signs as you continue analyzing the capacity of the company to deliver exemplary results. Don’t settle for anything that is less than the best moving company in Los Angeles.


14. Licensing

The U.S. Transport Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration Department issues a U.S. license interstate movers number. In case you are moving out of your state, you can verify the license number of the moving company site of FMCSA and then request for the U.S. DOT number of the company. You will need this number in case you will need to file a claim against the moving company. If the move s within the state, you can check with the local consumer affairs agency. You can get a list of agencies via the contact database of FMCSA. It is a qualification that you will not fail to get with Sinatra movers. You need such a company that is licensed to offer moving services to the residents of Los Angeles.


15. Confirm with the Better Business Bureau

You need to research the track record of the moving company from the BBB. You can do this freely online to help you determine the best mover Los Angeles. It is wise to stick to the moving companies Los Angeles that have a good rating and are accredited. If the moving company is not listed with the Better Business Bureau, it is good to check for one that is listed. We have several companies that are listed including Sinatra Movers Los Angeles.


16. Ask About the Professional Accreditation

Trade associations always vet moving companies in Lis Angeles before giving an approved or membership seal to them. It is good to go for a brand that carries the American Storage and Moving ProMover logo Association. You can also directly search for approved companies from the website of the American Moving and Storage Association.


17. Verify the Address

Pull up the Los Angeles movers’ website or ask for a business card and check for the address through the phonebook or online. You have to make sure that the address of the moving company is either listed or registered under its company names. Be keen of any movers’ address that is listed under a residential address.



You need all these tips even when you are looking for cheap movers Los Angeles. The moving company that you hire will determine the quality of services that you will get. It is good to follow all these tips if you want to hire the best movers Los Angeles.

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