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Reasons Why Using an Office Moving Service is a Sound Business Decision

In what may seem similar to commercial moving, office moving has an entirely different set of challenges and concerns. It involves many intricate parts and a great deal of IT knowledge and safety controls. Also, keep in mind, the movement of office equipment means that your sensitive and proprietary data is vulnerable while in transport. For these reasons, we take security of your office equipment very seriously, as your business and clients can’t afford to have their personal information stolen.

Along with understanding the invaluable nature of your IT information, Sinatra Movers do a thorough job of protecting the aesthetics of your office equipment and environment, as we know front line workspaces are a key indicator of service to potential customers. With that said, we perform the following services with a heightened sense of protection for your items. We take special care to protect the floors, walls, elevators, the movement of IT equipment, such as computers, monitors, printers, fax machines, scanners, routers, modems, servers and other IT accessories.

Not only is special care given to the IT resources, but we also show special care, similar to a residential move, to the packing and moving of personal items. We know how important your supply room items are to the well-being of your staff and customers and we are careful in our approaches to packing and moving cabinets, safes, TVs, large and small conference room tables and any excess inventory and supplies that you have in your possession.

Much like a residential move, was ask that you purge as many items as possible before a move. Prior to an office move, strong, lean minded business owners will work to exhaust their inventories and reserves of office supplies and warehouse items. The shipping of excess reams of paper, for example, is an expensive addition to your office move. We can manage it for you, but the best approach is to limit the number of unneeded items on the moving trucks. As the customer though, you are free to make your own decisions for your business.

Here are some of the many reasons you should choose Sinatra Movers for your office moving needs.

1. Storage Facilities
One of the great advantages of working with Sinatra Movers for your office moving needs is that we have our own storage facilities. Often times, offices, for whatever reason, downsize into a new space. That means less room for all the thing they brought from the prior office. What are these offices going to do with all the overflow of inventory? It would not make business sense to throw out the items that don’t have a space in the new office. We know that in the future, there will be need for these items as older supplies are retired from office duty. When these issues occur, and they occur frequently, clients are able to direct our office moving team of what should be put back on the truck and taken to Sinatra Movers’ safe and secure storage facilities. Even if your business doesn’t have overflow items, you may still find yourself having to gradually bring in other items as the business calls for them. For these instances, we have short term facilities that can help complete your move.
2. Professional Movers are Insured

Even in the case of small businesses and offices, all of the needed equipment and furniture is extremely valuable, both in terms of finances as well as intrinsic value. If a desk or chair is broken, that employee is left without a workspace for a long period of time. This downtime without an efficient workspace takes a toll on the employees’ productivity which hurts the bottom line of the company. When you hire professional movers, you can be sure that your items will be insure if you elect that coverage. If, in the event, items or equipment is damaged, insurance will take care of the costs, which saves the company money.

3. Office Installation

Much like the act of packing and moving, employees cannot be expected to do the work of IT and engineers. With professional office movers, you can expect that the movers will leave your office supplies assemble, reinstalled and operational. There is nothing worse than having fancy office resources and no one knows how to install or run it.

That is what is so great about professional office movers. Our office moving teams disassemble, pack, move the items and then reinstall and unpack everything from your old office space. With these incredible services offered by our office workers, you can expect the downtime of a move to be cut in half compared to if you attempted the move on your own.

This last point is very important for you to consider. When movers work on office installation, there are many things to consider and this is where you see a difference in commercial versus office moves. These are reasons why you need to hire office movers instead of commercial movers.

Typically, commercial moves are a bit more rugged in their design, setup and installation. Commercial moves tend to take place more in the back of the house, away from the eyes of customers. Office moves, however, are workspaces for professionals and often times are also used by customers. With office moves, you are looking for a more polished and finished look to the assembly, installation and use of the space.

It has to be appealing to both the employee and the customer. Think of it as finished carpenters versus form carpenters. The ability to do both commercial and office moves is an important distinction between moving companies. Here at Sinatra Movers, we are proud to be able to do both commercial moving and office moving.

As we have illustrated here for you, there are so many business reasons why you should choose professionals to help you with your office moving needs. Make the right decision and hire Sinatra Movers for all of your office moving needs. Cut the stress; hire the pros.

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