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Moving a Piano; it requires so much more skill than strength. Hire the right piano moving company for your valuable investment.

Have you ever moved a piano? If you have, what kind of piano was it? Was it an upright piano? That is a fairly simple move compared to a grand or a baby grand piano. And don’t get us wrong, a simple upright piano is so much more difficult than it looks. It has handles on the back, looks like a manageable size, and then you and a partner try to move it…

The first few steps, you might think wow, this will be easier than I thought! But then as you navigate towards the door, or around a corner, or even worse, your first set of stairs, even if it is just a few leading to the front door, you are blown away at how unwieldly and unbalanced a piano is.

And it is heavier than you can imagine.

Your back is aching, your fingers are smashed and are cracking under the pressure. If you are unlucky, as you try to gently put the piano down to catch your breath, you might get a finger or toe stuck under it as you attempt not to damage the piano while letting it down.

Moving a piano is downright dangerous and could even cause health care emergencies.

Perhaps, you were able to assemble a team of three or four strong friends and you are able to move the piano; how are you going to transport it? Do you have the right equipment to secure it to whatever vehicle you are using? Who is going to be the driver, and have they mapped out the travel plans? You have to stay away from potholes and avoid sloping drives at all costs. Any shift in the weight of the piano in any direction can have a domino effect.

If that piano shifts just one inch, it can set off a chain reaction of momentum going in a direction that you know will be disastrous.

We have heard plenty of stories of pianos being lost of their trucks and crashing down into 1000’s of pieces on the road. Not only have you destroyed one of humankinds most beautiful and intricate instruments, but you may have put yourself into liability by damaging other cars, causing an accident, or even injury or death.

Yes, piano moving companies can be expensive, but it is for a reason.

They are skilled. They are in short supply and they accomplish herculean tasks every day.

We at Sinatra movers take pride in being that skilled piano moving company that can achieve the unachievable. We can move your delicate and valuable prized possession for less than the competition, and we do it with better skill and professionalism.

Again, it not only takes brute strength, or the tools if you don’t have brute strength, but it takes brains and experience. Pianos having many different parts to them. When all together, they create a stable foundation for beautiful music. Remove a leg or two, to manage through a tight area, and now you and your moving team have to support that large mass of wood and metal.

Do NOT attempt moving it yourself. Do NOT hire a cheap and inexperienced piano moving company. Your attempt to save money will most likely cost you more money than if you hired a trusted piano moving service.

There are so many types of pianos out there too. Just because it’s an electric piano, don’t make the mistake that it is any easier to move. Electric pianos, the expensive works of art at least, are still made to look like those classic old pianos that required all of that room for their strings to stretch. While the weight of the strings is no longer in these instruments, there is still plenty of weight from the wood craftmanship that gives that allusion that this is a real, percussive, hammer piano.

Along with pianos, we have moved organs as well. Organs are even more complex instruments with many pedals, keyboards, air valves, wiring and numerous other things the common layperson doesn’t even know about.

Just like any move, moving a piano requires and incredible amount of planning and packing. There is also a lot of science that goes into high risk moves, such as a piano. What is the weather like? How is the weather going to affect the instrument itself? Did you know that changes in temperature and humidity cause instruments to change their tuning? The wood in the instrument expands and contracts, just like the metal string do in the piano. This constant pulling and stretching can cause unseen wear and tear on your piano. The less care that is given to their climate, the more out of tune your piano is going to become in the course of the move.

If you thought piano movers were expensive, wait until you have to call out a piano tuner. In a perfect world, piano movers and tuners would go hand in hand. Perhaps someday we will have a tuner on our piano moving team to tune the piano after delivery. That would be the ultimate piano moving service.

It is those eyes on the details that makes all of the difference with a piano moving company.

Do not leave that family heirloom that your grandparents played. It is a part of your family history. Trust the experts in piano moving and give us a call. We are always available to give estimate to possible clients. After you get your estimate, you will feel an almost sudden relief in the thought that you are hiring the best piano moving team to move this monstrosity of music.

We may not be musicians creating beautiful music, like you can, but after a major piano move, you will see piano movers in a different light. They give the world music through their skill, dedication and teamwork.

Hire the best piano movers in the industry. Hire Sinatra Movers.

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