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5 Tips for a Smooth office moving in Los Angeles

If you are moving your commercial business across the country or across town, it can be very hard to try and manage all the relocation details by yourself. The moving exercise can be extremely overwhelming regardless of the nature of the move. At Sinatra Movers, we have helped hundreds of businesses to move from one office space to another.

You need a company that will facilitate your move regardless of your needs. To make your relocation successful and smooth, we have a compiled a list of tips that will help your company through the moving process. You will discover that everything will be much easier for both you and your employees.


1. Keep the Employees up to date

Your business will be nothing in the absence of your highly dedicated employees. Therefore, you should give them a heads up about the move before you hire a professional office moving company in Los Angeles. Depending on the speed at which you would like to relocate your business, make sure you give your employees enough time to adjust for the upcoming office relocation. Keep the communication lines open all the time with your worker. You can be sure that your employees will be prepared well for the transition that is ahead.


2. Send a Checklist to Your Employees

To make the move of your office as smooth as possible for your workers, you need to give them a checklist on how to individually begin to prepare for the move. Some of the things that you need to ask yourself include;

    • Will the employees have to box their belongings or you plan to hire an insured or licensed moving company to help you with the move.
    • Will your office have new storage solutions in the new place and your employees need to be aware beforehand.
    • How soon before the moving will your workers start to prepare for the transition. Two weeks? One month? Give your employees enough notice to avoid any interruptions with the workflow during the major week of the move.


3. Prepare the Office Electronics Properly

Whether your company has 200 employees or 20 of them, there is a high possibility that you will be moving electronic products like TV’s, phone, projectors, computers, etc. In case you are planning to pack all the office equipment on your own, remove all the cables on your electronic devices carefully and put them in an area where you will not forget about them.

The last thing you will want to discover is that you are missing computers cords when you get into your new office. You should also make sure that the computers are backed onto your external hard drive. It means that you will have an additional copy of all your important documents and files in case they end up getting corrupted or damaged during the process of relocation. One of most important priorities for any business owner has to be protecting his company data.

Instead of taking so long to pack all your valuable office electronics, think of hiring licensed and professional movers to help you with the process of relocation your office. You will be sure that these experts will handle your valuable office electronics properly and carefully. Sinatra Movers has hundreds of businesses in Los Angeles that it has helped to move successfully. We will help you to relocate your office across the county or town.


4. Update Your Company Info Online

The other thing that you should never forget is updating your company info online. As a business owner, you should already be knowing the importance of the online presence of your company. Before relocation to your new office, you should update all the information for your company. Don’t forge to include your new physical address on the company website.

If you have listed your business on various social media platforms, also address the new phone number and address of the company on these platforms there too. In case your business is prominent on social media sites like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. publish a few posts to remind your clients abut your new location. Doing so before you move is the best move because it will keep your customers in the picture of the transition in advance. All of them will appreciate the fact that you took the time to educate them about your new office info.


5. Remove all the Unwanted Items from Your Office

If the business has been in the current location for several years, there is a possibility that you have some employees who have accumulated several things in the place of work over an extended period of time. You may not need some of these things in your office hence a great need to eradicate them. In case you are in doubt, just toss it out. Electronics such as printers, copiers, and phones have already been installed on the new place. Thus, you can donate some of the old equipment to a charity and then write them off in the form of a tax break.


6. Choose the Correct Office Moving Company

If you are the one overseeing the relocation of your company, you have to hire the right team of movers if you want to have a smooth relocation. Sinatra Movers understand the challenge that comes with relocating corporate offices or moving commercial businesses. With an experience of more than 20 years in the moving industry, our qualified movers have the right skills and knowledge to safely and successfully move the belongings of your business to the new office space.

When you work with our brand, we will handle all the minute details that come with moving from the beginning to the end. The good thing is that there will be minimal interruption to your employees during this moving process. We have an efficient moving process that will help you to focus on your daily chores as we handle the relocation process. For more details, feel free to contact our professional movers today!

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